DSP Engineer (Audio)

NO VISA'SAs a DSP Engineer (Audio) you will innovate, prototype and deliver technologies for our clients next generation of audio products.
Their small but growing team of DSP engineers is focused on using creativity and technical expertise to push the boundaries of audio and communication performance.
They are looking for collaborative and flexible candidates who can research and implement signal processing algorithms on the embedded hardware.
Responsibilities of the DSP Engineer (Audio):
Invent and implement algorithms for acoustic capabilities of new products.
Initiate, develop and prototype by integrating technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Active Noise Reduction to deliver new or best-in-class experience.
Debugging with electronic test equipment, emulators, simulators Requirements of the DSP Engineer (Audio):
BS in Electrical Engineering (or closely related disciplines) and a MS with 6+ years or a PhD with 4+ years of relevant experience is required.
Demonstrated experience in audio processing.
Experience programming embedded DSP's in C/C++ & assembly.
Hands on experience developing and implementing acoustic echo cancellation algorithms, noise supressors, speech and audio codecs, multirate filterbanks etc.
Ability to provide technical guidance to the DSP team.
Understanding of acoustic principles and their relation to DSP algorithms.
Familiarity of debugging with electronic test equipment, emulators, simulators.
Strong communication skills, including the ability to discuss complex technical issues with non-experts.
Experience programming and debugging real-time systems.

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